February 3rd-23rd

Join us for a church-wide season of prayer and fasting


Fasting is a deliberate abstinence from physical gratification, to focus more on God.

Why is Fasting IMportant?

When we fast, we are humbling ourselves before God to show Him that He is more important than earthly desires. It helps us to put our focus on God and what He considers important. Fasting is also accompanied by extra amounts of prayer to hear from God about a certain concern and/or petitioning God to move in a specific area of your life.


There are different kinds of fasts that can bring us closer to God. You can do one of these for the entire 21 days, do different fast for different amounts of times, or do multiple types of fasts at the same time. We want you to pray and ask God what type of fasting you should do during this 21 day period. 


-Complete Fast: Many times in the Bible, people completely abstain from any food for a certain amount of time, only drinking water.

-Partial Fast: You can also abstain from certain foods or food groups. For example, you may want to fast anything with sugar, or maybe you fast meat all together.

-Media Fast: In today's culture, technology takes up so much of our time. This may be a time to unplug and pray instead of spending time on social media or watching tv. 

-Daniel Fast: In Daniel chapter 10, we see Daniel refrain from any pleasant foods (meat, bread, and sugar) to hear from God.


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