Watch the egg hunt video together and race to find items all throughout your home. Afterwards, each of the items found will help you tell the Easter story with your kids. Use the list below to help you relate each of the items to a piece of the story. We hope you have fun doing this with your family!

  • CUP

    This represents the Last Supper that Jesus had with his disciples. Talk about what that must have felt like for Jesus to know this was the last meal before he would die.

  • Money

    Judas betrays Jesus for some money. What does it feel like when a friend does something that hurts us?

  • ROpe

    Jesus is arrested and bound with ropes around His wrists.

    Jesus didn't do anything wrong but He was still arrested. Why was that?

  • Soap

    Pilate is questioning Jesus and can't find anything that He has done wrong. The crowd still wants Jesus to die. So Pilate washes his hands in front of them as a symbol to say that he is innocent of doing Jesus wrong, but he gives in to the crowd.

    Have you ever felt like giving in to peer pressure? How do you think Pilate felt after doing that?

  • Red Clothes

    Jesus is handed over to the Roman guards who dress him up in a red robe and put a crown thorns on his head. They begin to beat him and make fun of him.

    Have you been made fun of? What does that feel like? Why do you think Jesus didn't fight back?

  • Hammer

    Jesus is nailed to a big wooden cross. Nails are put between his wrists and his feet.

    Jesus hangs up on the cross. He was in so much pain.

    What is the most pain you have felt?

  • Dice

    While Jesus is up on the cross the roman guards roll dice to see who will get Jesus clothes. Even while He is dying, they are still making fun of him.

    What do you think the disciples felt while this was happening?

  • TOilet Paper

    After Jesus dies on the cross, His body is taken down and wrapped in strips of white linen cloths. This would seal the body before they placed it in the tomb.

  • ROCK

    Jesus body is placed in the tomb and the roman guards roll a giant stone in front of the entrance so that no one could get in. They feared that Jesus disciples would try and come steal Jesus body.

    But the disciples are scared because they just lost Jesus, their best friend. How would you feel if you were the disciples?

  • SPices

    Sunday morning, two women come to the tomb to spread spice over the site. Because it was not buried in the ground it would normally begin to smell. But when they got there they saw that the stone had been rolled away.


    Jesus was ALIVE! The tomb was empty and Jesus had risen from the dead. He conquered sin and death. Because he took the punishment for us. We can now have a relationship with God!

    What do you think it would have been like to go and see the empty tomb for the first time?