These policies have been made for the safety of everyone involved. 

Please familiarize yourself with them before attending a weekend service.

1. Limited to no physical contact

  • Zoom Kids (1st-6th grade) chairs will be spaced out and kids will be assigned one seat for the duration of the service.
  • Zoom Jr/Zoomies/Lil Zoomies (0- Pre-K) Teachers will be intentionally trying to provide activities that help make the best use of our space. Kids will be kept away from other babies as much as physically possible. Toys and surfaces will be disinfected after service. All diaper changes will happen with gloves on.

2. Check In

  • Check in will open 15 minutes before service starts
  • Check in will be contactless. A team member will help you with this. When you arrive at check in please state your family name or if you have “pre-checked in” please indicate that. The team member will be the only ones allowed to touch the check in iPads.
  • The parent will then take the stickers and place them on their kids before entering the Zoom Kids wing
  • We encourage everyone to use pre-check in through the app called “church center”

3. Drop Off

  • When you go to enter the kids wing please have your security tag handy and name tags on all children to show that you have checked in
  • We ask that you send one parent (or guardian over 18) into the kids wing with your kids to drop them off
  • Parents will be asked to stay at the door of the classrooms for Kindergarten and under. You will drop off your child and any other needs (example: diaper bag/bottle) at the door of your classroom.

4. Pick Up

  • We ask that you send one parent (or guardian over 18) into the kids wing to pick your kids up. Please have your pick up tag ready.
  • Please pick up immediately following the dismissal of service to give our team time to clean
  • Please go to the classroom, wait in the queue and stand on the lightning bolts on the floor as you wait your turn
  • One parent will pick their kids up at the door of each classroom. Your children will be brought to you and you will exit the kids wing or pick up remaining children from their classes and then exit.

5. Follow Safety Guidelines

  • If your child is unable to follow the age appropriate safety guidelines our team puts in place you will be asked to come and pick up your child during the service. We want to keep everyone as safe as possible.
  • If your child starts showing symptoms (fever, runny noses, couching, etc) you will be asked to come and pick up your child during the service.
  • Kids must be supervised by their parent/guardian at all times that they are not in the Zoom Kids classrooms

6. No Snacks or Toys from home

  • We will not be offering any type of snacks or drinks in classrooms 2yr and up
  • Snacks in the Lil Zoomies room will be pre-packaged and only given with the parents consent
  • We ask that parents not send kids into the classrooms with outside food or drinks (with the exception of a baby who will need a bottle)
  • If you bring a water bottle for your child, that will need to stay with the parents during service
  • We also ask that there be no toys brought from home. 

Safety Guidelines

Zoom Kids - Elementary

  • Zoom Kids will be assigned a seat one chair away from the next student
  • The service will be designed so that kids can stay in their own personal space. The Zoom Kids are expected to stay in/by their seats for games, worship, and all other interactive parts of the service. 
  • Rows of chairs will be spaced out larger than normal
  • Zoom Kids will not be giving out high fives but we will be teaching the new no contact zoom kids five
  • Zoom Kids will not be allowed to leave (unless emergency bathroom use is needed)
  • Zoom Kids that continually fail to follow the guidelines and listen to the leaders will be asked to be removed (parent/guardian will need to come and get them)

Zoom Jr. - 4yr-Preschool

  • Kids will be instructed to keep their hands to themselves while they are in class
  • Games will be played that are no contact (follow the leader, Simon says, etc)
  • Kids will be assigned one seat for the lesson part of the day
  • Kids that continually show they are unable to follow these safety instructions will be asked to be removed (parent/guardian will need to come and get them)

Zoomies & Lil Zoomies - 2-3yrs & 0-24 months

  • Kids will be kept distant from each other as much as possible
  • Kids will be asked to not touch each other (2-3 class)
  • Toys will be taken and put in a bin to be cleaned after use
  • Different zones have been added to the 2-3 class to help spread out the play time

Cleaning Procedures & Extra Precautions

  • All team members will wash hands upon arrival and departure. We will sanitize all surfaces, door handles, chairs, tables and toys in between services. 
  • All team members will wear gloves during diaper changing
  • There will be masks available if a team member requests one
  • Signage will be displayed at check-in letting parents know our new procedures
  • All “toys” will be placed in a bin after each service and replaced with a new set of toys
  • Any other equipment (high-chairs, jumpers, etc) will be wiped down after each service
  • We will be closing all water fountains
  • We will be removing any pre-service activities in our elementary environment