church family resources

  • Is going to church important?

    This article talks about why being a part of a church family and going to church on Sunday or whatever day is important.


  • How do i go deeper with God and people?

    In this video from Transformation Church, we see why LifeGroups are such an important part of being in a church family. Sunday mornings are great, but it's hard for every single person to go deep in such a large group. 

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  • Serve to be like jesus!

    We think it is extremely important for every church family member to do their part in serving God's people. We are most effective as a church family when everyone does their part. This article from Newspring Church, will help you see why serving in and outside the church is important.

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  • We need others to spur us forward!

    Encouraging relationships are an integral part in growing in our relationship with Jesus. A church family is a great place to find other people who are trying to go the same direction as you. Watch this video to see why this is so important. CLICK HERE

  • What is a church family supposed to look like?

    In these two messages, Pastor Kyle shares what it looks like for us to function as a church family that is a part of the body of Christ.     • PART ONE        • PART TWO