Salvation resources

  • What Exactly is salvation?

    What do I need to be saved from? Doesn't God want everyone in Heaven? What is salvation all about? This video will help you understand what salvation is and why it's so important.


  • How do i get saved?

    Salvation is not earned, it's a gift. But it's also surrendering every area of your life to God...making Him the LORD of your life. Check out this article to look into both sides of salvation a bit more.


  • after i'm saved...then what?

    There's more? Once I'm saved aren't I good to go?

    Salvation is only the beginning to the relationship God wants with you. We have been given a gift, now God wants us to do something with it.

    This video gives a great illustration of what this looks like.


  • How do i work out my salvation?

    This article will give some practical ways to develop your relationship with God and continue to grow spiritually. Then go back to the resource page and get more specifics on each of these practices



    If you have recently accepted Jesus as your savior, here is a short, four part, video that will give you some practical next steps. There is a Bible reading plan and a prayer plan to go along with this. CLICK HERE